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CRC Remover II – 5 ml (11/2023 expiry)

CRC Remover II – 5 ml (11/2023 expiry)

CRC Remover II – 5 ml


Phase 2 of the biochemical system CRC Tatoo Remover I+II


The CRC TATOO REMOVER II removes pigment fragments and initiates tissue repair. Thus, scar formation is minimized. We do not injure the skin, but only slightly loosen the epidermis, then both phases, interacting, cause the gradual break down of the pigment.


The pigment is then removed with the aid of the client's natural immune response.



Proof of training is required for purchase.



    CRC Remover I – 5 ml

    Potassium oleate, Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E

    pH - 8 (high acid value= High extraction from skin)


    Product is not eligible for return/refund


    CRC Remover  II

    One of the main components of this product is cocoa butter. In its normal state, it takes on a solid form. To transfer to a liquid state, put it in the refrigerator.

    Further storage is also recommended in the refrigerator. 

C$25.00 Regular Price
C$20.00Sale Price
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