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Tired of reapplying your Lipstick?
Well, our Lip services offered at Tanirah Beauty might be the perfect solution for you!

What is Lip Blush?

Lip blushing and is a form of permanent makeup.  It is a cosmetic tattoo performed on the lips to enhance the natural beauty of the lip or to add a client's desired color.


This service is best suited to clients who have even lip pigmentation but wish for a subtle color enhancement.

Lip Blush can help enhance the natural beauty of the lips by improving the lip size, sharpening the definition, improving the color, and correcting the shape.

Results can last anywhere from 2-5 years.

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Lip Neutralization

What is Lip Neutralization?

Lip Neutralization is another form of cosmetic tattooing geared towards neutralizing the appearance of darker-toned lips.

Our Lip Neutralizing service is designed to help improve the appearance of dark lips whether caused by an overproduction of melanin, trauma, medical conditions, or smoking. 

Results can last anywhere from 2-5 years.

What are the benefits of the Lip Service

 Our Lip Services are perfect for clients who:

✧ Have uneven lips

✧ Want that make-up look with having to apply or reapply

✧ Have uneven lip tone colour

✧ Have dark lips they'd like to look lighter/brighter

✧ Have lost definition to their lips

✧ Want the appearance of fuller-looking lips

✧ Have lip fillers

✧ Have little to no colour in their lips

✧ Sensitive to makeup products

How long is the service?

The Lip Blush and Lip Neutralization services are expected to last up to 3.5 hours. 

How long will the results last?

The Lip Blush and Lip Neutralization results are expected to last anywhere from 1-3 years.  Factors such as skincare, skin type, lifestyle, and proper aftercare may cause the lips may to heal 40-90% lighter colour and shape at the initial service.  As many permanent makeup services require 2 sessions, to achieve optimal results, it is always suggested that clients have a touch-up service after 12 weeks. The touch-up is crucial to achieving the desired colour result and the longevity of the results. Please note touch-up services are only available to existing clients that have had their lip service completed at Tanirah Beauty.  


Please note that frequent use of creams, serums, and cleansers containing lightening agents such as Retinols, AHAs, BHAs, and acids directly on the lip area will cause the pigments to fade more quickly.

Yearly touch-ups are recommended to keep a vibrant look result.

Am I a good candidate for this service?

Unfortunately, if you fall into any of the categories listed below you may be ineligible for any Lip Services if you:

✧ Are Pregnant or Nursing within the last 3 months

✧ Have Uncontrolled diabetes (requires physician's clearance)

✧ Have viral infections and/or diseases

✧ Are currently sick (cold, flu, etc)

✧ Have had Chemotherapy or Organ transplant within the last 6 months 

✧ Have a Pacemaker or major heart problems

✧ Epilepsy (uncontrolled/managed)

✧ History of keloids or hypertrophic scarring (consult with your technician)

✧ Have fresh scars on or near the service area

✧ Have unhealed trauma to the service area (sunburns, cuts, cracks)

✧ Have Botox around service area (procedure can be done 3 weeks after botox)

✧ Have fresh Lip fillers (procedure can be done 3 weeks post)

✧ Have used Accutane in the past year

✧ Have used products containing retinol, AHAs, BHA, and/or Acids (client should stop using 2 weeks prior, two weeks post)

✧ Have had a chemical peel (within 1 week of the service appointment)

✧ Are a hemophiliac (clotting disorder)

✧ Are prone to cold sores (oral prescription is needed pre and post-treatment)

✧ Have had previous lip work

✧ Have heart conditions, uncontrolled high blood pressure, poor general health

✧ Any treatment, medication, or illness that compromises the immune system/ healing would not make you a good candidate for micropigmentation procedures

​If you are under 18 years of age a parent or guardian is required to sign the client consent form

Cases where a client would NOT be a good candidate:

✧ Is an extreme tanner

✧ Is undergoing chemotherapy ​

✧ has previous work that needs removal

How do I prep my skin for the Lip Service?

Follow the below instructions for a seamless appointment and healing process


✧ Eat before coming to your appointment so your blood sugar levels are normal

​✧ Exfoliate lips 5-7 days prior to appointment to keep lips free of dead skin

✧ Moisturize your lips every day 7 days prior to your appointment. Aquafor or vaseline can be used

✧ Waxing or any other hair removal should be done 5-7 prior to the appointment

✧ Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to the appointment

✧ Avoid excessive caffeine 24 hours prior

✧ Avoid tanning 7 days prior and post appointment

✧ Discontinue retinol 2 weeks prior and post

✧ Botox and lip filler should be done 3-4 weeks prior and post

✧ No face down massages until surface healing is complete

✧ Avoid any blood thinning medications 24 hours prior

✧ No omega supplements 1 week prior

✧ If prone to cold sores, an oral prescription needs to be started

✧ Lysine (natural supplement) can be taken 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks post procedure

Please review                                                          for more information on pre-appointment care for Permanent Make-up services.

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